Executive Director: Christopher Cotton (cotton@econ.queensu.ca)
Administrative Assistant: Sharon Sullivan (sullivas@econ.queensu.ca)

JDI Leadership Group


Christopher Cotton

Prof. Cotton is the holder of the Jarislowsky Deutsch Chair in Economic and Financial Policy at Queen’s University. He is a leading international expert on the topic of campaign finance reform, and regularly provides advice to governments and NGOs on the financing and evaluation of social sector and international development projects. Currently, he is the Lead External Evaluator for the UK’s Girls’ Education Challenge project in Zimbabwe.


Charles  Beach
Distinguished Fellow

Prof. Beach is a leading expert on income distribution and applied labour market analysis. He was a co-founder of the Canadian Econometric Study Group, co-initiator of the Canadian Household Panel Survey initiative, co-founding member of the Canadian Employment Research Forum, and Chair of the Data Liberation Initiative. He has served as adviser to numerous government departments and agencies. He was Editor of Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques from 1995 to 2002, Director of the John Deutsch Institute from 2001 to 2009, and President of the Candian Economic Association from 2015 to 2016, during which time he led the academic push to return the long form census to Canada.


Robin Boadway
Distinguished Fellow

Prof. Boadway is one of the world’s leading public economists and tax scholars. He has been involved in research studies for the Economic Council of Canada, the World Bank, the IMF, the OECD, the Financial and Fiscal Commission in South Africa, the Canadian Tax Foundation and for Royal Commissions on the Economic Union, on Passenger Transportation and on Aboriginal Peoples, and various Canadian government departments. He was Editor of the Journal of Public Economics (2003-2008) and the Canadian Journal of Economics (1987-93). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (since 1986), Officer of the Order of Canada (since 2008).


Robert Clark
JDI Faculty Advisor

Prof. Clark is the Stephen J.R. Smith Chair of Economic Policy at Queen’s. He is a leading expert in the study of market regulation and corruption in public procurement. He has done extensive research and advising on mortgage and banking markets, and on how corruption affects public sector procurement in Canada.


Thomas Courchene
Distinguished Fellow

Throughout his career, Prof. Courchene is one of Canada’s leading policy scholars. Over the course of his career, he has held a variety of distinguished positions and has had remarkable influence over Canadian public policy. He is a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Research on Public Policy in Montreal. Previously, he served as Director of Queen’s School of Policy Studies, the JDI, and Queen’s Institute of Intergovernmental Relations. He has been Senior Fellow at the CD Howe Institute and Chair of the Ontario Economic Council, and is the author or editor of some 60 books and 300 academic papers. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (since 1981) and Officer of the Order of Canada (since 1999), among many other honours.


John Hartwick
JDI Faculty Advisor

Prof. Hartwick is best known for the ‘Hartwick Rule’, a seminal result in natural resource economics determining how governments must reinvest rents from natural resource extraction in order to assure that future generations are no worse off than current ones. His research has guided 40 years of research in resource economics, sustainability and urban economics, and has shaped public policy decisions all over the world.


Glenn Jenkins
JDI Faculty Advisor

Prof. Jenkins is one of the world’s leading experts on cost-benefit analysis of public sector projects. He is the Director of the John Deutsch International Program on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis. Previously, he was a Director of the International Tax Program at Harvard Law School, Fellow at the Harvard Institute for International Development, and Assistant Deputy Minister of Tax Policy and Legislation in the Department of Finance Canada. He has served as an economic consultant to a number of governments in developed and developing countries, and international financial institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.


Thorsten Koeppl
JDI Faculty Advisor

Prof. Koeppl oversees the M.A. and Ph.D programs for the Queen’s  Economics Department. He is a leading expert on the use of blockchain technology in financial markets, and is a Scholar at the CD Howe Institute, where is serves on the Monetary Policy Council and National Council. He has advised or otherwise worked with numerous organizations including the European Central Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Center for Economic Studies (LMU Munich), Deutsche Bundesbank, Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi, European Banking Authority, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and the Bank of Canada.

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Beverly Lapham
JDI Faculty Advisor

Prof. Lapham is an expert on international trade, including cross-border trade between Canada and the U.S.  She was a co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Economics, and a Research Associate for the Centre for International Price Research. She has also advised StatsCanada, the Institute for Research on Public Policy, and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade on international trade agreements and trade policy.


Allen Head
Economics Department Head

Prof. Head is an expert on how search frictions affect housing markets and mobility, and the macroeconomic implications of the ongoing expansion of the service sector. He is the Head of the Department of Economics.

QED faculty working on policy

Brant Abbott
Assistant Professor

Prof. Abbott’s research studies education policy, human capital investment, and economic inequality.

Christopher Ferrall

Prof. Ferrall is a former Director of the JDI, and is currently one of the directors of the Data, Analytics & Computing initiative at Queen’s. He specializes in bringing together structural modeling, large data sets, and computational methods for the analysis of policy.

Ugurhan Berkok
Adjunct Professor

Prof. Berkok is an Associate Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, and a specialist in Defence and Security Economics. He is a co-organizer of the annual Defence and Security Economics Workshop in Ottawa.

Weili Ding
Associate Professor

Prof. Ding‘s research involves the economics of education, health economics and examining the economics of rural development and urban transitions in China.

Devon Garvie
Associate Professor

Prof. Garvie’s research studies environmental economics and policy.

Allan Gregory

Prof. Gregory’s research involves macroeconomic policy, applied finance, and health economics. He has provided advice and conducted analytical work for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC), the Ministry of Social and Community Services (MCSS), WorkPlace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), Bank of Montreal Capital Markets (BMO), Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), Public Health of Canada, and others. He is also an expert on the Canadian marijuana market.

Anya Hageman
Adjunct Professor

Prof. Hageman works on macroeconomic policy and demographic economics, including the economics of aboriginal populations.

Bahman Kashi
Adjunct Professor

Prof. Kashi specializes in the rigorous, quantitative evaluation of international development projects. He developed the USAID guidelines for incorporating gender and environmental concerns into cost-benefit analysis, serves as an advisor to the Millenium Challenge Corporation, and has conducted evaluations of social sector and infrastructure projects around the world. He is the president of Limestone Analytics, and the Director of the QED’s CPIA executive education program.

Ian Keay

Prof. Keay is a specialist on the history of environmental and natural resource policy in Canada. He has worked on aboriginal policy, economic growth and industrialization, and financial markets, and has conducted research on behalf of Natural Resources Canada.

Mike Kennedy
Adjunct Professor

Prof. Kennedy has had a distinguished career as a professional economist with a variety of Canadian and international organization. He was previously a Division Head for the OECD, a Director and Division Chief at the Department of Finance Canada, and an Economist and Research Officer at the Bank of Canada.

Steven Lehrer
Associate Professor

Prof. Lehrer is an expert on the economics of health policy, crime, early childhood development and education. Among many other things, he has worked extensively on universal childcare policies in Canada.

Huw Lloyd-Ellis

Prof. Lloyd-Ellis is an expert on macroeconomics, economic development and growth. He has worked extensively on housing and labour markets, and understanding the impact of fiscal policy under uncertainty.

David Longworth
Adjunct Professor

Prof. Longworth is a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, and is currently the Associate Director of the Risk Policy and Regulation Diploma Program at the QED. Previously, he was a Fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute, and held a series of high-ranking positions at the Bank of Canada including Deputy Chief of the International Department, Chief of the Department of Monetary and Financial Analysis, Chief of the Research Department, and Adviser to the Governor.

James MacKinnon

Prof. MacKinnon is one of the world’s leading econometricians. His work has had a huge influence on policy, as he has developed empirical tools and evaluation techniques that are foundational for countless econometric analyses and program evaluations, and he has coauthored textbooks used by many applied econometricians around the world. He is the Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Econometrics at the QED and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Sumon Majumdar
Associate Professor

Prof. Majumdar studies how institutions affect policy decisions in both developed and developing economies.

Frank Milne

Prof. Milne is the BMO professor of Economics and Finance at Queen’s. He is an expert on financial market regulation and banking. He is the director of the Risk Policy and Regulation Diploma Program in the QED and a Research Fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute. He has advised politicians in Australia, and various banks, financial institutions and Federal government departments in Australia and Canada, as well as the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England.

Morten Nielsen

Prof. Nielsen is the David Chadwick Smith Chair in Economics in the QED and a Canada Research Chair in Time Series Econometrics. He has worked on pricing in electricity markets and financial crises.

Raymond de Souza
Adjunct Professor

Father Raymond de Souza teaches in the QED and serves as a chaplain at Queen’s and on Wolfe Island. He is a regular columnist at the National Post.

Gregor Smith

Prof. Smith is the Douglas D. Purvis Professor of Economics at the QED where he works on macroeconomic policy, often drawing economic lessons from history. He is a past president of the Canadian Economics Association and a former co-editor of the Journal of International Economics and of the Canadian Journal of Economics. Previously he was a Research Fellow at the Bank of Canada.

Amy Hongfei Sun
Associate Professor

Prof. Sun does research on banking, including bank runs, mortgages, and housing markets.

Marie-Louise Vierø
Associate Professor

Prof. Vierø’s research involves how individuals, such as consumers, policymakers and voters, make decisions in the face of uncertainty. She has worked with the Danish Central Bank, and in local politics in Copenhagen.

Ruqu Wang

Prof. Wang is an economic theorist who has contributed to our understanding of markets, voting and policy reform. Recently, he has worked on issues of sovereign debt, insurance markets and subsidy policies in China.

Roger Ware

Prof. Ware conducts academic research on antitrust, intellectual property and regulatory policy. He has been an expert on some of Canada’s most-prominent contested competition cases.

Jan Zabojnik

Prof. Zabojnik conducts research on labor markets and incentives within organizations. He has studied employment and compensation policies, including those related to CEO and executive pay.
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