Research Groups

COVID-19 and Crisis Response

Faculty from the Queen’s Economics Department have been heavily involved in shaping the policy response to COVID-19 both in Canada and internationally. They have provided economic projections for local, provincial, and national governments, and they have been invited to participate on panels and working groups for organizations including the Royal Society of Canada’s COVID-19 Task Force, the C.D. Howe Institute, and Canada Global’s COVID Strategic Choices initiative. 

Macroeconomic Policy

The working group on macroeconomic policy conducts research on a broad set of macroeconomic issues, including monetary policy, trade, housing markets, and inequality. The group hosts the annual QED Frontiers of Macroeconomics conference and workshop series.

Mortgage and Banking Regulation

The working group on mortgage and banking regulation supports faculty and student research on housing markets and financial regulation. It hosts the annual Financial Intermediation and Regulation Conference Series as well as keynote speakers during the Canadian Economic Association annual conference.

Economic Development

Members of the working group on economic development are heavily involved in both academic research and the evaluation of economic development projects for organizations such as USAID, UK Aid, MCC, World Vision, Nutrition International, the World Bank, and the WHO, among others. The group includes experts on a wide range of topics including cost benefit analysis, program evaluation, results-based funding opportunities, and economic growth.

Education Policy

The working group on education supports faculty and student research on macroeconomic and microeconomic aspects of human capital development and education policy. It focuses on theory driven applied research, as well as program and policy evaluation in Canada, the US, and internationally.

Experimental Economics

The experimental economics working group supports faculty and student research involving laboratory and field experiments. The working group is closely linked to the UChicago-UCEMA Joint Initiative for Latin American Experimental Economics (JILAEE), where Prof. Karen Ye is an Assistant Director. The JDI supports student travel to participate in JILAEE events or to work on affiliated experiments.  

Canadian Public Economic Group (CPEG)

The JDI provides administrative support for the Canadian Economic Association’s CPEG study group. It also helps organize and sponsor the annual CPEG meeting.