About the John Deutsch Institute

The John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy (JDI) is the premier policy-focused research institute at Queen’s University. It is housed in the Department of Economics and has close ties with the School of Policy Studies.

The JDI was originally called the John Deutsch Memorial Fund for the Study of Economic Policy, which was established in 1976 to honour the memory of John Deutsch, a renowned Canadian economist. Queen’s alumnus, public servant, and former Principal of Queen’s University.

The central purpose of the JDI is to is to enable and promote academic research that informs policy-making in Canada and abroad. The JDI focuses on policy-relevant quantitative research in economics and related fields. In particular, we aim to draw attention to policy-relevant research performed by academic economists at Queen’s University and elsewhere in Canada, and to encourage leading academic researchers to devote more attention to important policy questions.

Currently, the JDI supports several research groups within the department of economics, two professional certification programs, and several national networks of economists, including the Canadian Macroeconomic Study Group, the Canadian Public Economics Group (CPEG), and the One Society Network in public health. 

Christopher Cotton
Sharon Sullivan

Administrative Assistant

Past Directors

Christopher Ferrall, 2009-2016

Charles Beach, 2001-2009

Thomas Courchene, 1993-2001

Douglas Purvis, 1984-1987, 1990-1993

David C. Smith, 1976-1984