The John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy (JDI) provides small-grant to Queen’s Economics Department Ph.D. students and faculty to support policy research.  Examples of JDI-funded activities include:

  • Data purchases
  • Small-scale and pilot experiments
  • Travel for data collection or research visits (e.g., visiting JLAIEE to run experiments) 
  • Conference and summer school registration fees and travel
  • Journal submission and open-access publication fees at high-impact journals
  • Editorial or research support (e.g., copy editing, data cleaning, coding)

No computer or hardware purchases are covered. Most students who receive support get $1000-2000 over the course of their studies. Maximum total funding is limited to $5000 per student over the course of their studies. Conference and summer school travel expenses are limited to $1000 per academic year. These limits are being implemented on a trial basis and are subject to change. All expenditures must adhere to Queen’s and Tri-Council rules.

Student funding requests must be made by the student’s faculty advisor ahead of any expenses being incurred. Requests should be made by email to Chris Cotton and Sharon Sullivan, specifying how much funding is being requested, for what purpose, and why this expenditure is needed. Faculty supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the funding is being used in ways that best enable policy research. 

Students who receive funding will be named a “JDI Student Fellow” and are expected to write JDI research summaries and blog posts about their research. 

The JDI also provides limited financial support to faculty (tenured, tenure-track, continuing adjuncts) and post-docs who require small grant research support, or funding to help support conferences being organized by faculty. Submit such funding requests by email to Chris Cotton and Sharon Sullivan. Priority is given to providing support for those without other grant or funding options, and to support policy work engaging students.