Upcoming Events

The JDI is excited to announce a number of conferences this upcoming year on the Queen's campus. Details about the events.

Financial Intermediation and Regulation Conference held at Queen's University on May 8, 2018. Joint event with the Bank of Canada and the John Deutsch Institute. Organizers: Jason Allen and Robert Clark

Political Economy Conference held at Queen's University on June 15, 2018. Organizer: Christopher Cotton

Welcome to our new website

Things are changing at the JDI. We have a new director, new doctoral fellows, and now a new website, including a new blog at http://economicsandpolicy.ca/.

We will continue to host academic conferences on research questions that are important for public policy. We are also working to do more to draw attention to the important, policy-relevant research being conducted by economists at Queen's and throughout Canada. Stay tuned for updates.

JDI names four Doctoral Fellows

The JDI has named four new Doctoral Fellows to receive JDI Dissertation Completion Stipends for the 2016-2017 academic year. The fellows are Andrea Craig, Michal Popiel, Sergei Shibaev, and Wenbo Zhu, all advanced PhD Candidates in the Department of Economics at Queen's University.

Andrea Craig is working on a dissertation titled "Equilibrium effects of transit policies on residential location."